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Upper Endoscopy

Upper endoscopy is a simple, well tolerated and safe exam performed under sedation. During the exam, a thin flexible tube is inserted into the mouth and through the esophagus and stomach. The entire procedure takes about ten minutes to complete. Patients don’t gag or choke at all due to the sedative given beforehand. The tube doesn’t interfere with breathing.

Patients generally recover quickly and can be discharged within about 30 minutes of completing the procedure. Usually there are no side effects, such as sore throat or nausea after the exam. The physician will review the findings before being discharged. It is important not to drive or operate any dangerous machinery for the remainder of the day after the test, as some of the sedative effects will linger longer then you realize.

Upper endoscopy, in the hands of skilled gastroenterologists, remains one of the safest and most powerful diagnostic tools available.

An upper endoscopy can help diagnose the causes of upper abdominal pain, persistent nausea and vomiting, and difficulty swallowing, as well as identify the source of bleeding in the upper GI tract.

Thank you Dr. Gupta for making this easy on me!”

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